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affiliate program

Interested in sending customers to the service? Want to get paid for your referrals? Sign up for our affiliate program and we will pay you a residual monthly commission for every account you refer. That's right, when you refer an account, we will pay you a commission every month the account is open.

Our tracking software is state of the art and keeps track of everyone you send to us for over a year so if they sign up a few months down the road, you will still get credit for the sale.

Earn a 20%* commission ongoing on the monthly rental fee when you refer a client who signs up for this total web solution package with

* Increased commission levels will be awarded to high performing affiliates.

Affiliate Pay Level 20%* of the Unit Price (ongoing)
2nd Tier Pay Level 10%

Affiliates will receive payment via They can collect their commission whenever they choose, as long as the account has reached $50. Money will pile up in no time, and affiliates hardly have to do anything.

Ready to sign up? Click Here

*Note: Commision will be paid after 30 days money back guarantee period.